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We are committed to your right to privacy. We strongly respect your privacy and guarantee to keep your personal and financial information secure. The information you submit is completely confidential and we will only share this information with our participating lawyers. (lawyers we identify as an appropriate match for your situation). 

We will never sell your your personal data information to anyone.

We do not ask for Social Security Numbers over the internet because we believe you can never be to careful. does not practice law nor does it vouch for, evaluate or endorse any attorney or the qualifications or experience of any participating attorney. has verified that members of the referral panel of attorneys are state licensed and insured as of the date of their voluntary participation in the referral program. We take the information you supply us and match it with lawyers within our data base. When you choose to inquire with a lawyer who advertises with us, your information remains between you and the lawyer(s). Advertisers are solely responsible for keeping their information current.  

We shall not be responsible or liable for any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased, or obtained as a result of any information or offer in or results of any kind obtained in connection with this website. Nothing on this website contains an offer, promise or otherwise, either to make a specific consultation or that any participating lawyer will accept your case for any purpose or on any specific terms.  



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